Earn Between £100-£300 Per Job

Home Tech are looking for individuals throughout the UK to work in conjunction with our rapidly expanding company. We are interested in connecting with people who work in the trade, and more so work regular with residential properties. Like builders, electricians, plumbers etc.

Home Tech specialise in the area of installing home automation devices within homes and connecting the latest products including Google Home, Amazon Echo and Apple Home Kit to provide a fully automated home which has voice activation as its main source of input.

There are various items that customers will order to turn their homes into ‘smart homes’, which include smart bulbs that control their lights, smart switches that turn an everyday plug into a smart plug, smart locks, sensors and camera’s etc.

All the items are very easy to install and we will teach you not only how to set them up but also how to create routines and themes that the customer will benefit from. Our whole aim is to take an everyday house and turn it into a smart home.

This campaign that we are currently running is a two-part process, we are initially registering indviduals who are already interacting regularly with households and have experience in delivering a professional service. We will only consider people who have had experience of working with home owners and who can show the professional standards that we are looking for.

You will initially need to sign up by selecting the apply now button at the bottom of this page. You will then need to complete an application form and submit it to confirm your interest. The second part of the process is as follows: We will select the candidates that we think are suitable for our business model and then get in touch to arrange full training for the products you will be installing.

The sales process will be as follows:

  • We market the service with the offer to the consumer
  • We process all orders at our head office and send the details on to the 'Installer' located nearest to the address.
  • We will liaise with the installer assigned to confirm an appropriate installation date that fits in with their diary.
  • The installer will be sent the items the customer has ordered ready to install them on the installation date set.

The amount you will earn for each installation will vary based on the house size and the number of items you will be installing. That being said you will earn between £100 - £300 per job.

Full training will of course be provided and If you think you are a suitable candidate and are able to meet the criteria set out above, then please submit your application by clicking the orange apply button below. We will contact you in writing to confirm your interest and provide further details about our company.